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Recent updates

  • Cancer Research UK
    Article: Apr 17, 2014

    Andrew Stunell MP praised Cancer Research UK's work which helps save up to 3,000 people from cancer every week.

    Andrew Stunell MP said-

    "It's a real eye-opener to see what research can achieve. That's why I'm backing Cancer Research UK's campaign to make every moment count in the fight against cancer and I'm encouraging everyone to join me."

  • Article: Apr 17, 2014

    I am confident that Lib Dems will be united in welcoming today's news that Vince Cable has put out a call for evidence on a new register of arms brokers. The proposed register would introduce tougher regulations on the arms trade and is yet another historic victory for the Lib Dems in government.

    Arms brokers act as intermediaries in many arms deals by bringing together potential buyers and sellers in return for a cut of the transaction. Currently UK companies require a license before they can export military goods, but brokers are somewhat of an unknown entity. Under the proposals all brokers will have to appear on a public registry, with possible requirements to attend training courses and suitability assessments.

  • NEA 1
    Article: Apr 16, 2014

    Clare Redfern from Stockport Council was named a national Heat Hero by fuel poverty charity National Energy Action (NEA) recently for her contribution to tackling fuel poverty in Stockport.

    Commenting, Andrew Stunell MP who attended to award ceremony in support of Clare, said -

    "I was delighted that Clare was the very first Home Heat Hero to get her award. It's a tribute to her hard work and cheerful energy, and also to the whole team back in Stockport who do their very best to make sure local residents get all the help and support they need to stay warm and safe."

  • Malaria 1
    Article: Apr 16, 2014

    Andrew Stunell, Liberal Democrat MP for Hazel Grove, got involved to mark World Health Day, 10th April, by backing UK action to fight malaria - one of the world's most deadly yet preventable diseases.

    Commenting, Andrew Stunell MP said -

    "As a grandparent it is devastating to know that malaria needlessly claims the life of a child every minute. No parent anywhere should lose their child to a curable disease that cost less than £1 to treat. I hope the people of Hazel Grove will be proud and inspired to know our support is helping save lives".

  • Google event 1
    Article: Apr 16, 2014

    Local businesses enjoyed a free digital session with Google experts

    Andrew Stunell MP & Lisa Smart, PPC, brought expert Google help to local businesses last Friday at Bredbury Hall Hotel to help Stockport businesses grow.

    Lisa Smart, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Hazel Grove, said -

  • Article: Apr 16, 2014

    New figures show the rate of unemployment has fallen below 7% for the first time since the recession. The number of people out of work dropped by 77,000 in the last three months, while total employment has seen the biggest annual jump in a generation.

    There are now more people in work than ever before, with nearly 0.7 million more people in employment since this time last year, showing that the Lib Dem plan to create a million jobs is working.

  • Article: Apr 15, 2014

    The European Parliament has approved new rules to make big lorries safer for other road users and more fuel-efficient.

    Under changes pushed by Liberal Democrat MEPs, the design of lorry cabs are set to be changed to reduce the number of blind spots under the front widescreen and the side of the vehicle. The new designs would also include safer cab fronts to reduce damage caused by impacts with cyclists and pedestrians. It is thought the proposal could help prevent dozens of fatal accidents each year.

  • Article: Apr 15, 2014

    Nick Clegg has called for the publication of the Chilcot report into the Iraq war, which identifies exactly what happened in the run-up to the conflict in Iraq.

    The Chilcot report includes about 200 cabinet-level discussions, 25 notes from Tony Blair to George W Bush and more than 130 records of conversations between the former US president and Tony Blair.

  • Article: Apr 15, 2014

    The former Speech Writer to Tony Blair said that he believes Nick Clegg is making a difference: "By stopping the Tory Right, the Deputy Prime Minister should be applauded by all liberal voters."

    Philip Collins worked as Tony Blair's Chief Speech Writer, responsible for Blair's very last speech as Leader of the Labour Party. In his article published today, he said that without the Lib Dems in Government, tax cuts for the wealthy would have been more generous. He points out that green taxes would be slashed harder, welfare cuts would be more severe, and there would be greater progress towards abolishing human rights legislation.

  • Article: Apr 14, 2014

    With Passover celebrations starting today, Nick Clegg wishes the Jewish Communities, within Britain and around the world, a happy Passover:


    "I want to wish Jewish Communities, within Britain and around the world, a happy and peaceful Passover.

    This is a time when families and friends gather round the Seder table to remember the struggles of the Jewish people to secure their freedom. Every year, they tell this story to their children so it is never forgotten.

    And what this ancient journey shows us is the enduring power of people to overcome even the greatest of adversity and build a better future together. And, during this celebration, we're reminded of all those people still suffering oppression, because of their religious beliefs, race or creed.

    That cannot be right and Passover is a chance for all of us to commit ourselves again to helping those -- of all faiths and none -- who face persecution around the world.

    It's also an opportunity for us to recognise the contribution Britain's Jewish Communities make to every area of our society

    Thank you and Chag Sameach."